Prices are the highest here, but not just on food items

Alex Lebrant is fully correct about the prices of Costa Rican-made food products being more expensive, in some cases much more expensive, than the vast majority of imported products.  We noticed this price difference a long time ago not just in the mercados in Quepos, Dominical, Uvita and San Isidro we shop in  but also in the local pulperias.  The local pulperias and the larger family owned mercados here in the central Pacific area where we shop certainly don’t have purchasing power, so the reason given by Lebrant for the price difference doesn’t ring true.

Now here is another twist on prices.  If you go to Paseo Canoas at the Panamá frontier and check the prices of Costa Rican products (Dos Pinos, Monteverde, chips, coffee, etc., etc.) in a Costa Rican store then walk across the street to a Panamanian store you will find the Costa Rican products are CHEAPER than in the Costa Rican store.  Of course, everything else will be cheaper also regardless of where the product comes from because Costa Rica has the highest food prices in all of Central America and the majority of South American countries.  Unfortunately, these high prices just aren’t restricted to food items.

Why in the majority of instances are Costa Rican food products more expensive than imported products?  That can only be answer by the legislature.  Good luck in getting an answer.  In the meantime the price of Pura Vida just keeps going up and up and up, ad infinitum.

Frank and Karen Walker
Matapalo de Aguirre
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