Property rights are the base of economy and freedom

The theme is property rights — defining mine and thine — and any law circumventing what amounts to theft is a dangerous path. It is a trend in the new World Order (vis-à-vis Agenda 21 to which Costa Rica and at least 178 other countries have signed onto) that property rights should be made irrelevant and that the “common good” should take priority.

My view is that when elected officials dismiss the core of freedom to own that for which you have labored, they are in disregard of the principle of morality — “thou shalt not steal” — and we are in big trouble. Thievery is not one of those “grey” areas. If you steal, you’re a thief. If you lie, you’re a liar. If you kill a person, you’re a murderer.

Who gets to decide these matters: politicians? What a great lesson for society and our youth of today: it’s okay to steal if the law allows it. Next step in this slippery road: it’s okay to steal if “I’ determine it’s acceptable. Today, it’s ownership of land property and intellectual property. What of our rights to freely use or transfer resources, to think and express, to travel, to engage in free enterprise transactions (hint: many of these are already gone)?

Individuals cannot trade what they do not own. Therefore, without property rights, there is no market exchange. Without market exchange, there would be no market prices. And on and on to economic chaos. Whenever property rights are insecure, it undermines the individual’s ability and incentive to create wealth. Who would bother with invention if there was no compensation for the effort. There may be many ways to live, but only one way to live free and prosperously, guaranteed through a system of well-protected property rights.
Mary Jay

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