Rain does not dampen memory of terrorist attack

A.M. Costa Rica/Kayla Pearson
Marines prepare for the ceremony before the
memorial statue representing the twin towers.

Members from the Marine Corps League Costa Rica and others gathered Tuesday to mark the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But so did the clouds. Rains came 15 minutes before the 11 a.m. start, and the program was canceled.

Although the main event didn’t happen, the area was filled with people with the same central theme on the mind: “We still remember.”

The gathering was at Parque 15 de setiembre, a small patch of land in Sabana Norte.

One person at the cite recounted that she was living in Costa Rica on the infamous day 11 years ago, and even overseas the impact was what she described as horrible.

New York native and Marine Corps League adjutant Jerry Karl said he was living in New Jersey when the World Trade Center towers were hit.  His brother, who worked in New York City, was just able to take the last train back home, he said.

Recalling the day, Karl recounted statistics saying, “2,976 people lost their life at the world trade centers.  I think it is something shocking and unheard of.  Civilian people were hurt by extremists and it literally brought us into a 10-year war.”

He added that 55 persons lost their life at the Pentagon and all the passengers on flight 93 died when they crashed the plane into a Pennsylvania field to stop terrorists from flying into a target that was believed to be the White House.

“So we honor them today,” he said.

The results of Sept. 11 led to what is still an ongoing war, and those at the gathering Tuesday sent out words to thank the troops who are  fighting.
“We have honored those who gave their lives in 9/11.  The war is not over.  We still have people in Afghanistan fighting and thousands of military men are still paying the price of this conflict.  Maybe some further date we can learn that we can all get along and live in a peaceful world,” said Marine Sgt. Maj. John Elkins.

The Costa Rican government sent out words of solidarity to the U. S. government.

“Costa Rica reiterates its repudiation and categorical condemnation of all forms and manifestations of terrorism and points out that such criminal acts must be condemned by the international community because of their destructive and perverse nature that victimizes the innocent civilian population,” the statement said.

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