Region’s tourists estimated at 14 million by 2020

An expert from Panamá said that Central America will see 14 million tourists by 2020.

He is Domingo Latorraca, who is with the consulting firm Deloitte Panamá. He also has served as a vice minister there.

Latorraca was speaking to the Congreso Nacional de Turismo at the Hotel Costa Rica Marriott in Belén, He said Central America would receive about 3.5 percent of the world’s tourists by 2020.

The region needs to work in infrastructure, including roads, airports and seaports as well as training, laws and security, he said.

The Costa Rican government proudly boasts of hosting more than 2 million tourists in recent years, but an examination of the statistics show that many come from Nicaragua and are not likely to be big spenders. Others have noted that many other arrivals in Costa Rica are incorrectly classified as tourists. That includes the so-called perpetual tourist who leaves the country and return every 90 days.

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