Stomach virus hitting old and young to make life painful

A particularly nasty stomach virus is making the rounds, and expats are not being spared. The most vulnerable are the elderly and the young. Public clinics and hospitals have reported an unusually high number of persons with such symptoms.

One expat said he felt like he was punched in the stomach, and that began 36 hours of pain and unease. “I felt like I swallowed a raccoon, an angry raccoon,” he said. An older expat woman said she felt she was having another child.

The virus seems to express itself differently for every sufferer. Another expat said he thought he was having a heart attack because the first sharp pains began in the chest.

The Hospital del Niños has reported a spike in diarrhea, mostly among children under 5. Such a condition can be dangerous if not treated with plenty of fluids. The Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social plans to report today on the extent of the problem throughout the country.

For adults the virus seems to run its course in about 36 hours and leaves the victim exhausted.

A good bet is that the current wave is another manifestation of a rotavirus which has caused similar outbreaks in the past. The U.S. National Institute of Health calls the condition viral gastroenteritis, which is a medical name for stomach flu. A full description is HERE!

The basic treatment is to grin and bear it with regular intakes of fluid. The goal is to avoid dehydration.

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