Tamarindo gets a taste of aftershocks as evaluations continue

Earthquake activity continues on the Pacific coast. Tamarindo got a taste of the shaking at 8:14 p.m. Monday.

The Laboratorio de Ingeniería Sísmica at Universidad de Costa Rica reported a 4.2 tremor just 8.6 miles offshore. That’s a bit more than five miles. There were no reports of serious damage.

Tamarindo is further north on the Pacific coast than Sámara where most of the aftershocks have been centered.

Government officials are continuing their evaluation of Wednesday’s 7.6 magnitude quake. They said some 494 homes have been located with some type of damage and that 60 of these had severe damage.

The Instituto Nacional de Seguros, the state insurance company, had its mobile van in service and it was based this week in Santa Cruz. The institute also said that its office in Nicoya had received 388 claims for damage and that the Liberia office has received 67.

The national emergency commission said that the Ministerio de Educación Pública has identified 170 schools with some kind of damage. The Liceo Académico de Nicoya and the Técnico Profesional de La Mansión will need major reconstruction, it said.

The commission also said that vehicle traffic has been blocked on a bridge over the Río Armado at Caimital. The road joins Sámara and Nicoya. An inspection turned up damage to the bridge. There is an alternate route, the commission said.

The commission, correctly said some families still were in shelters.

Temporary tents have been erected at the Clínica de Nandayure and at Hospital Monseñor Sanabria in Puntarenas. The Puntarenas institution will reopen its outpatient clinic today, said the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.

The U.S. Embassy is urging foreigners who want to help to send money and not items. It suggested sending the money to the U.S. Agency for International Development or the International Red Cross.

There also is the possibility of crooks setting up an operation to collect funds in the name of earthquake victims.

One legitimate effort is being run by the real estate firm CR Home. Hanz Lepik, an employee, said that seven families were displaced by the Wednesday earthquake in Peralta de Grecia. He said the real estate firm has set up a Web site to contact for donations. The firm is headquartered in Grecia although it has projects at the beach, too.

The site maybe accessed HERE!  The site takes a small commission, Lepik said. Cruz Roja in Costa Rica also is soliciting donations.

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