Ticos do not understand the impact of more taxes

I wonder if Costa Ricans don’t understand that companies that have money, are big, they got that way by being very frugal with their monies?

In this article, “Survey says Ticos would tax tourism, hotels and big firms more,” it appears that they do not understand what this would have with cause and effect of more taxes. Those that think hotels and big business will take up the slack for the government’s poor handling of monies and not collecting taxes already imposed will fix their problems, IT WON’T.

A hotel will do one of a couple of things which includes raising charges, which will discourage folks from coming to Costa Rica, which will eventually cause some hotels to close, some will have to cut staff. That will mean loss of jobs and tax base monies.

Adding taxes to the tax free zone will cause those companies to leave Costa Rica. That is what attracted them here in the first place. They will leave and that means loss of jobs which means loss of income taxes from the higher paying jobs.

More taxes on high end foods will mean folks will buy less of those foods, which will cause loss of jobs, fishing boats out of business and farmers losing income. The trickle down means the loss of many other jobs as well. It will affect truckers, construction workers, businesses that support all of these different companies and welfare.

All of these companies are very aware of Costa Rica’s poor handling of tax monies and their failure to collect all taxes due. They are smart companies, and they look at these problems as poor business/government management. Now Ticos think others should pay for the problems of the poor government officials that the Ticos have voted into office. It doesn’t work in the U.S.A. and it won’t work here either.

Art Sulenski
Los Angeles Su

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