University student guns down man presumed to be a robber

A university student who feared he was facing robbers took out his own legal weapon and killed one of the men. Police detained the other.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said the student had a pistol for self-protection. The incident took place in San Pedro’s Barrio Roosevelt around 9:30 p.m. Monday.

The Judicial Investigating Organization report did not give the names of the two students, but a spokeswoman for the organization, said that the dead man was César Hernández Alguilar. His associate, who is in police custody, is Michael González González.

The spokesperson said that the student who shot Hernández
was not detained by police because he had the proper permit and certification for the gun.

“He only tried to defend, and he is not in jail,” the spokesperson said.

Both students attend the Universidad de Costa Rica, and neither of the students was harmed in the incident, the agency said.

According to a bulletin from the investigation organization, the two students were walking back to their apartment from a grocery when two men pulled up to them on a motorcycle. The two men then attempted to rob the students.

The student carrying the gun pulled it out and shot the man later identified as Hernández. He died at the scene. González was detained by police when they arrived.

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