We mourn the end of an era for Costa Rican journalism

We take no joy in reporting the demise of The Tico Times print edition. Print is great, but to create a print product is expensive these days.

We also liked hot metal and flipping nickels with the large backshop crew between editions. Hot mental printing is an art. Most union printers lost their jobs when offset publication became the standard. One did not need a five-year apprenticeship to type out stories on a Compugraphic photocomposing machine.

That technique suffered a body blow with the arrival of Macintosh computers, the laser printer and page composition software. Then came the Internet.

A.M. Costa Rica is in 90 countries every morning with the touch of a button. And 12,000 readers view the newspaper with a multitude of electronic devices. That is not possible with print. But the advertising is less costly. The Tico Times has an online edition, but it always was a stepchild. And A.M. Costa Rica has more daily readers. Now perhaps The Tico Times newspaper management will learn how to improve its online offerings.

We welcome competition which can only be a benefit for the English-speaking expats here as each online newspaper seeks to serve its readership better.

We also laud Dery Dyer, the owner of The Tico Times, for her many years of effort in guiding the newspaper.

We also have great respect for her mother, who founded the newspaper, and her father, who guided it to be the English voice of Central America during the troubles in Nicaragua.

The Tico Times always has stood for high-quality, honest journalism. So the end of the print edition is like a death in the family.

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