Agents attribute 7 robberies to pair they detained Thursday

Judicial Investigating Organization photo
One of two robbery suspects is taken into custody.

Police captured two men Wednesday whom they suspect of being involved in at least seven violent robberies, according to a judicial bulletin.

The bulletin lists four cases in which two men are suspects of either robbing and physically attacking pedestrians and the driver and passengers of a taxi. They also are accused of simply firing shots at passing cars.

The spokesperson for the Judicial Investigating Organization confirmed that the two men in custody are Kevin Bosco Soto Aviles, 18, and Jonathan Santa Maria Sánchez, 26.

The report says that police have been investigating this case for five months, but the first incident occurred in March of this year.

The bulletin lists five incidents in which investigators believe these two men participated. In two cases two men of similar description on foot robbed other people walking on the street, in one case stealing a 9-mm. pistol. In another case, the two men pulled over an informal taxi and robbed the driver and passengers of phones and other belongings. In two other cases, the men simply shot at passing cars but did not injure any of the occupants.

Witnesses in all of these cases report the men using a white Jeep Cherokee.

In the raids on the two men’s homes, police found two pistols and a white Jeep Cherokee.

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