Airport operator planning contests for news stores

The company that operates the Juan Santamaría International Airport announced that it is holding a design contest for several new stores on the premises.

Winners of the contest will get the right to open their stores in a new area being built where passengers of international flights leave the airport, according to a spokesperson.

Aeris Holding Costa Rica is the company that operates the airport. Administrators of the company are constructing a new, enclosed patio area where passengers of arriving international flights leave the airport. The new wing will be called the international arrivals public area and it will be open to anyone.

The new area will accommodate four new businesses, and administrators plan for each space to be occupied by a different kind of business.

For that reason the company will have four different contests for the four types of businesses they are seeking.

The first space will be dedicated to an ATM. Additionally, a release says there is space for three other ATMs around the airport.

The other three shops in the new international arrivals will be a gift shop that also sells greeting cards and flowers, a café and ice cream parlor combination, and a fast food restaurant.

In all of these cases, the release says that the winning design must be “innovative, flashy and in harmony with the architecture of the terminal.”

The new wing is already in construction and the architecture of the shops has been predetermined. Businesses must submit their design plans for the interior of the store.

The winners must be able to paint and decorate the stores themselves. They also will have to pay rent to occupy the spaces.

Designs must be submitted for the ATMs by Nov. 9, for the café by Nov. 12, for the gift shop by Nov. 14 and for the fast food restaurant by Nov. 16. Applications can be submitted electronically to

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