AmCham statement says government is the biggest problem

The Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce called on the government to take action in making Costa Rica more competitive for business.

A release before an all-day conference Wednesday said that the government is the biggest problem facing Costa Rican businesses because it allows time-consuming processes, bureaucracy, taxes, infrastructure problems and corruption to go on.

The release calls this a social breach that causes a slow economy, insecurity and poverty.

Numerous public officials took part in the conference in order to establish a dialogue of how to fix the problems, including President Laura Chinchilla, who gave a speech that closed the conference.

Organizers of the third annual AmCham Competitiveness
Summit made the theme of the event “the Costa Rica we need by 2020.” The event was geared largely towards medium and large businesses, many of which have significant international clout.

The summit’s main events were three discussion panels. These were moderated by prominent journalists, and the panels combined government officials with members of the private industry. A leader in the industry would give a speech after each panel discussion.

Two panels focused on general reforms, but the third panel specifically dealt with electricity and its effects on businesses.

This panel pitted Gravin Mayoraga, manager of electricity at the Instituto Nacional de Electricidad, against the presidents of two chambers representing electricity producers and consumers.

Organizers planned for the summit to allow both government and industry representatives to come together and work out solutions to the problems faced by the industry.

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