Another hole in a highway brings a sheet metal cure

The last thing that highway officials needed was another crater. But they got one Wednesday on the elevated highway that runs along the east side of Mall San Pedro.

The Consejo de Vialidad immediately closed the right hand southbound lane.

The plan was to place a piece of sheet steel over the hole, and crews were working into the night to do just that.

The highway is the Circunvalación that runs along the east and south sides of the downtown area. The hole in the highway evoked memories of the one that caused the shutdown of westbound lanes on the General Cañas highway. Repairs there still are being made.

By comparison, the new hole is a baby, just four feet in diameter. And the hole does not go completely through the roadway. There is a web of steel rebar that is exposed and which prevents a vehicle tire from dropping into the opening.

After the temporary fix is made, officials said that to repair the road completely will require about three weeks.

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