Bello Horizonte home invader gets 56-month term

One man who was held after a botched stickup and hostage situation in Bello Horizonte, Escazú, has admitted his role.

The man, identified by the last names of Rodríguez Ramírez received four years and eight months imprisonment at the Tribunal de Juicio de Pavas.

He was one of four men who engineered a stickup of the home last Jan. 23. Injured in the daytime home invasion was Tom Sweeney, who operates a
matrimonial service at the location. Also held hostage was a coworker, Jeannette Álvarez.

The bandits did not realize that a plumber was working in the house, and he called police.

When police arrived there was a standoff for five hours. Sweeney had been beaten around the face.

Rodríguez submitted to an abreviated proceeding in which there was no trial. He admitted to attempted aggravated robbery and depriving persons of their liberty.

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