Constitution court will review anti-hunting proposal

A significant minority of lawmakers moved Thursday to refer a law banning sports hunting to the Sala IV constitutional court for review.

Proponents doubted that the court would find flaws in the proposed law or the way it received initial approval. This is the first bill that has come to the legislature through a public initiative. Some 177,000 persons signed petitions to have the law enacted. One technical problem is that the period lawmakers had for acting on the proposal has expired.

In addition to banning sports hunting in the country, the bill would enact a $7 tax on all vehicles when owners renew the registration and also when a
registration is issued the first time. The tax also would be assessed when a construction permit is issued and when a property owner pays taxes to a municipality. The money would go to a wildlife fund. Lawmakers from Movimiento Libertario, Accesibilidad sin Exclusión and Unidad Social Cristiana sought judicial review. That is a lawmaker’s right.

The bill still lacks second and final approval that was supposed to come Thursday.

Legislative sources said that the court usually takes up to a month to study typical bills. Until the court responds, no vote can be taken.

A news story Thursday HERE! said that the proposal would not have strong impact on the county because sports hunting is not popular here. The bill allows hunting for subsistence, although that activity is not well defined.

A letter writer today says that current no-hunting laws are widely disregarded and that she expects the same with the new proposal.

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