Crooks take job prospects for a ride to steal the vehicle

The ever-resourceful car thieves have a new technique in the Central Valley.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the crooks begin by placing advertisements for jobs. The person sought is someone who has his own vehicle and has the desire to work as a contract driver. The soon-to-be victim emails a resume along with other personal information.

A supposed businessman on the other end of a telephone line responds to the job seeker and asks the applicant to undergo a driving test in the company of a mechanic for the firm.
The victim and the fake mechanic go for a ride, and the driver is told to stop at some location to retrieve a package for the company. When the owner leaves the car, the fake mechanic drives it away.

Upon contacting the presumed businessman again, the victim is told that he has to pay 1 million colons to get back the vehicle.

In one case, agents said, the fake mechanic resorted to displaying a pistol to commandeer the car.

Agents said they think that the vehicle theft scheme originates with prisoners already in jail with help from associates outside. This is a continuing problem.

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