Cruz Roja cleans wells to benefit Limón residents

As of Monday, the Cruz Roja has cleaned 1,211 water wells in Limón. This work is a result of the organization’s project called Limpieza de Pozos.

By cleaning these wells, the Red Cross has improved the quality of water for 1,200 families and more than 5000 people, the agency said. The benefit will be a system of potable water satisfactory for basic needs and food consumption, a release said.

Most of the families helped are economically disadvantaged and have limited resources. The families included children, elderly, and disabled persons. These persons are most at risk for the effects of drinking water that is not potable, spokespersons said.

Also, flood victims in the area were given 1,000 kits with kitchen utensils and hygiene items as well as 16 liter water drums.

Thirty volunteers helped the Red Cross with this effort in Limón.

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