Cuban Soccer players in Canada are AWOL

Several members of the Cuban men’s soccer team visiting Canada left the group before their World Cup qualifying match Friday.

The Cuban team arrived in Toronto with 15 players, but only 11 made it to the match.

Cuban coach Alexander González said four players left the team. He said one of them was sick.

González said the situation was not unusual for Cuban athletes who travel around the world. He said they are all chasing the American dream.

He said it was difficult to keep the team together and it was tough for him to talk about it.

Canada dressed 10 substitutes for Friday’s game. Cuba’s bench was empty except for the coaches. Canada defeated Cuba 3-0.

Meanwhile off the coast of México, a search was underway for 11 Cuban refugees who disappeared after their raft sank.

Mexican authorities say at least two other refugees drowned when their homemade raft went down near Cancún Friday.

Survivors told authorities that 23 people were on board.

In recent years, the Cancún region has become an increasingly popular stopping point for refugees. Many are trying to make their way to the United States.

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