Dixons level criticisms on Michael’s anniversary

The Dixon family is marking the third anniversary of Michael Dixon with a critical commentary on the official response.

The British and Costa Rican response to the incident has been bugged by incompetence and false hope from start to end, said the family in an emailed statement.

This is the case of the British tourist who vanished from his hotel in Tamarindo Oct. 18, 2009. There has been no sign, and the Dixons have argued persuasively that Michael did not drown while swimming, as investigators speculated.

The British Foreign Office did not tell the family that the hotel had reported him missing because “people choose to go missing all the time,” the family said, adding that Michael’s relatives only found out he was missing one week later when he did not show up to work.

Last year the Dixon family met Jeremy Browne, former British foreign minister for Central and South America, to seek his help in organizing a British police mission, the family noted. One year later and no progress has been made, they said.

The Dixons said that as they prepare for a fourth Christmas without Michael, British officials have now informed them that it does not know the name of the person responsible in Costa Rica to make it happen.

The Dixon tragedy is not an isolated one, the family said. Since 2009 there have been at least nine other European and U.S. citizens who have gone missing or been murdered in Costa Rica, they said. But the country is still depicted as a safe haven for tourism, they added.

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