Elections are a farce because elite always win

It may seem funny but it actually is worrisome that Americans just as well as law-abiding citizens in most other countries have not yet realized that presidential elections really are a farce, a cleverly-designed ‘Elite-owned’ media show, popular deceit disguised as a lollipop.

Politics are decided by others than the popular wanna-be politicians on their campaign trail.

Their puppeteers in the background laugh their butts off at the gullibility of the masses that are glued to the TV set or the morning paper becoming infused with the absurdity of blind discussions about which one of the candidates would be best for the country, which one is more gods-fearing while the chosen candidates only utter remarks contemptuous of humanity worshiping their psychopathic super-egos.

Sorry, democracy though benign in its original definition has become a hideous tool of covert dictatorship; democracy has been hijacked as has the entire planet.

Never forget what a wise man said: ‘No matter how you vote the government always gets in’.
Axel Marquardt
Berlin, Germany

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