Five held in armed robbery of Cartago clothing store

Agents of the Judicial Investigating Organization arrested five men Tuesday that they suspect robbed a sporting goods store in Cartago earlier this month, a judicial bulletin said.

One of the men arrested worked at the store that was robbed. A judicial spokesperson identified this man by the last names of Garita Castro.

The five men are suspected of robbing a sporting goods store called Penny Lane in downtown Cartago.

The report says that the four men who did not work at the store entered and proceeded to rob it of clothes and shoes of various popular brands, like Adidas, Puma and Nike. A judicial spokesperson said that some of them had guns with which they threatened the shopkeepers. Investigators said that the total value of all of the stolen items was 35 million colons or about $70,000.

Judicial agents said they performed 12 raids and were permitted by the owners to search four homes. Police used evidence or property similar to that which was stolen from Penny Lane that they found in some homes to arrest the five suspects.

The other four men arrested in connection to the robbery were identified by the last names Chavarría Castro, Madrigal Meza, Lisano Gazo and Fallas Fernández.

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