Formal complaints filed against protesters who behaved badly

Even the police have to go to the judiciary to report a crime.

That is why the security ministry said Thursday that officials there had filed complaints with the Judicial Investigating Organization over the bad behavior of protesters at the Asamblea Legislativa Tuesday. The protesters, many from the Universidad de Costa Rica, were unhappy because President Laura Chinchilla vetoed a bill that would have removed serious penalties for photocopying copyrighted materials.

Judicial investigators should have no trouble finding the suspects. That entire episode was taped by security cameras and others there for that purpose.

At its heart, the protest was not about photocopying but an
extension of the unhappiness among some groups of students and teachers at the universities over the 5-year-old Central American Free Trade Treaty. The treaty demanded more protection for copyrighted material and was directly responsible for the law that provides prison for illegal photocopying.

Protesters threw rocks and baggies filled with urine at Fuerza PĂşblica officers and legislative security guards.

Some lawmakers were present and agitating the students and others in the crowd, including some who identified themselves as anarchists.

Even though the rowdy activities were publicized widely, judicial investigators still need a formal complaint signed by security ministry officials.

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