Four police officers held in murder of man found dead in Pavas

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Four police officers in their 20s were arrested Monday in connection with a conspiracy to commit and conceal a murder, according to a judicial bulletin.

The Judicial Investigating Organization has been investigating the case since the violent death of a man in July in a neighborhood of Pavas. All four police officers that were arrested work in the same area.

Investigators eventually traced a gun used in that murder to one of the arrested police officers, they said. They also suspect that these men tampered with evidence of the crime and the crime scene itself in order to interfere with the investigation.

The murder that the four men are suspected of committing is that of Mario Enrique Espinoza Alvarez, 50.
In the predawn hours of July 18, police found Espinoza dead with a gunshot wound in his back. The body was found in a lot in the area of Lomas del Río in Pavas, according to the bulletin.

A spokesperson for the organization would only give the last names of the officers. These are Aotua Quirós, 23, Agüero Calderón, 24, Urbina Obando, 26, and Darmond Fallas, 26. They are all officers working in Pavas in the policía administrativa, which a spokesperson confirmed as being normal patrol officers.

Three of the suspects were arrested at the police station in Pavas and the fourth was arrested in San José while applying for a promotion, according to the bulletin. All were arrested at around 10 a.m. Monday morning.

The Judicial Investigating Organization has not announced a motive or reason as to why Espinoza died.

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