Genetically modified foods are more than a cross-breed

My understanding of what is commonly called GMOs today is that they are transgenic. It’s not just crossing one variety of peach with another to make a third type of peach or crossing a plum with an apricot to make plucot. Both of which can also be considered genetically modified. Transgenic GMOs are different. They cross different species with each other or plant with animal, like mating one of my goats with a bird or a bacteria or God knows what.

GMOs feeding the world is a myth, too (as is big farming in general). That’s just pure PR. I mean, come on, Monsanto, the company that brought the planet death with dioxin, agent orange and aspartame, is now concerned about the starving poor? There’s plenty of calories in the world and plenty of potential to produce more. It’s not a farming practices problem. Pura vida.

Albert Lusk
San Isidro Heredia

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