Home invaders hold up sleeping Los Yoses family

Three men broke into an occupied home in Los Yoses Monday night and stole cash, jewelry and electronic equipment, according to a judicial bulletin.

The bulletin says that the men woke the owners of the home and threatened them with a gun.

A spokesperson for the Judicial Investigating Organization confirmed that the home is 300 meters south of the Hyundai dealership in the Los Yoses neighborhood of San Pedro Montes de Oca.

The three men broke into the home at about 11:30 p.m. Monday night while the occupants were sleeping, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. All three wore masks and brought a police radio with them.

The report says that the men woke the residents of the home and demanded that one of the occupants open a safe. The crook threatened to shoot them if they did not cooperate, the bulletin said.

However, the robbery was cut short when the men heard on the police radio they brought with them that the police were on their way to the home  according to the bulletin. The men still managed to take a computer tablet, a laptop computer, a cellular phone, jewelry and some cash. Agents did not give an estimate to the value of that which was stolen.

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