Immigration extends period for foreigners to be legal

Immigration authorities have agreed to postpone the collection of fines from those who overstay their visas and those who hire illegal workers until April 23, 2013.

This decision is under the executive decree No. 37327-G, and will serve as a transition into the new rules that will take effect after this time.

Immigration officials started a campaign to make more residents legal May 17. The effort is called “Tiempo de Oportunidad para poner sus papales al día.”

Changes include a fine of $100 for persons who exceed the period of authorized stay or, if the
foreigner does not pay, a prohibition of entry into the country triple the amount of time the individual remained here illegally.

The other is a section of the law that now says employers who hire foreigners without immigration’s permission or who are not otherwise legally able to work will be fined between two and 12 times the amount of a base salary.

The exact amount depends on the severity of the facts and the number of illegal people hired.

Kathya Rodríguez, the directora general of Migración y Extranjería, noted that the campaign to make foreigners legal generated response from many people. The Nicaragua Embassy and the offices of the security ministry where required fingerprints are taken have been flooded.

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