Lawmakers will be asked to create holiday for women

Costa Rica could have a new holiday if lawmakers pass a bill that will amend article 148 of the labor code and establish March 8 as the Día Internacional de la Mujer.

“To create this holiday will reflect the progress of the closure of inequalities and gaps in the human rights of women,” said Maureen Clarke Clarke, minister of the Condición de la Mujer. “It means a greater commitment for the state to have regulations, procedures, policies and awareness even in the private sector for women’s rights. Countries and companies that incorporate more women are more productive.”

In 1977 the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed March 8 as the day for the women’s rights and international peace.

Women across the country have been celebrating women’s rights on March 8, using the day to promote the recognition of women and the advancing of women’s rights in the labor market.

If passed, the holiday will take effect next year.

“The approval of March 8 as the holiday would bring men and women workers, public institutions and social organizations together to promote reflection and action through activities aimed at defining the changes that the country needs to ensure a fair and egalitarian society,” said Ms. Clarke.

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