Londres robbery suspect dies when mystery shooter opens up

A mystery gunman killed a robbery suspect on Tuesday morning in Londres just west of Quepos on the central Pacific coast.

The morning robbery was the second of small convenience stores in the Pacific region this week.

Police reported that the other robbery was in Esparza near Puntarenas. Both were committed by two men traveling by motorcycle.

In the Tuesday morning incident, someone shot one of the two men four times, and the suspect died on the scene.

A judicial spokesperson said that investigators still do not know who fired the shots. The man appeared to be in the act of robbing the store operator.

The first robbery occurred at 8 a.m. Monday in the town of Esparza. The judicial organization did not issue a press statement about this incident, and a police spokesperson did not know the name of the store but said that it was a small supermarket in the center of town.
Two men in ski masks were seen approaching the store on a motorcycle. They entered it brandishing guns and threatened the owners. The judicial spokesperson said that the two took 650,000 colons (about $1,300) and were seen escaping on the motorcycle.

Police said the second robbery took place at 6 a.m. Tuesday at the other small supermarket in Londres. The police spokesperson could not confirm the name of this store either.

The police bulletin says that two men on a motorcycle drove up to this store while the owner was opening and one fired his gun. The bulletin said that the store owner was not hurt, but it does not say whether the shot was meant to threaten or harm him.

According to the bulletin, another round of gunshots came from an unknown source. One of the men suspected of robbing the store, a 37-year-old with the last name of Vargas, was hit by four bullets in his right arm and both legs. He died from his wounds on the spot. The report added that the second man escaped on the motorcycle.

Investigators have not been able to confirm who fired the shots that killed Vargas. They also do not have anyone in custody who they suspect as being the second man who escaped.

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