Man who robbed liquor killed by shop owner

A man suspected of robbing alcohol from a small supermarket was killed Sunday after the owner of the store shot him three times, according to a judicial police bulletin.

A spokesperson at the Judicial Investigating Organization confirmed that the dead man, Gravin Calderón Elizondo, 27, who robbed and tried to rob the Minisuper de Ligueron in Parceles de Quebrada Azul de Tilarán twice within the span of a day. The first time he took two bottles of liquor and told store employees that he had a gun and was not paying, the agency said.

According to the bulletin, he came back six hours later with the same purpose, but store owner Alonso Jiménez Murillo responded with a gun of his own and shot Calderón once in the jaw and twice in the chest.

Calderón escaped the store, but was later found dead 25 meters from the store, judicial agents said.

A spokesperson said that Jiménez had a permit for his gun, acted in self-defense and is not facing any charges.

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