Native group takes exception to tales of stone balls

Public officials and national-level lawmakers may like the spheres project in the Cantón de Osa, but the descendants of those who made the large stone objects do not share the enthusiasm.

The spheres project opened this week with an inauguration sprinkled with local officials. The gathering runs through Saturday and generally has been seen as a boost for local tourism. It is the creation of Spanish astrologer Vicente Cassanya.

The Asociación de Desarrollo Indígena de Curré issued a statement Wednesday urging a boycott of
the event. The Boruca native group was irked by statements on the spheres Web site that said nobody knows for certain who made them and who put them in their places.

The statements also suggest that magic or perhaps residents of the legendary Atlantis might have had a hand in the construction of the giant stone balls.

Denying the native construction of the spheres is eurocentric and racist, said the statement. The group also said that such gatherings that make use of the archaeological resources of the area ought to begin with consultations with the native residents, descendants of the peoples who left this legacy.

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