New book seeks to guide potential expats on their move here

“What does living in Costa Rica cost?” “How is health care?” “Do I have to learn Spanish?” and “Can I bring my dog?”

These are four of the many questions perspective expatriates ask while pondering the move to a pura vida lifestyle. Businesswoman Helen Dunn Frame hopes to answer these worries and more through her new book entitled “Retiring in Costa Rica or Doctors, Dogs and Pura Vida.”

“This book is directed to the baby boomers who want to move to
make their dollar stretch. It should help them build due diligence and learn through the resources I provide and decide if they want to retire here,” said Ms. Frame.

The New York native says she always liked to write and, in fact, is happiest when writing. She graduated from the Journalism School at Syracuse University and has been published in major newspaper, magazines and trade publications in the United States, England and Germany. She also published a mystery novel “Greek Ghost.”

Ms. Frame also has a master’s degree in sociology from New York University which she credits for her deep appreciation for diverse cultures.

Eight years ago, she moved to the country she said she fell in love with when she first came to visit in the 1990s Costa Rica. For a single woman, many considered her brave.

“Many people called me courageous because I packed up and moved to Costa Rica by myself,” Ms. Frame said on her Web site. “Knowing dreams have no deadlines I decided to follow mine and live abroad. I determined that if I ignored the opportunity I would regret it for the rest of my life.”

Her experiences over this time have guided her thoughts in her new work. The book is a guide for perspective retirees with resources to get answers, quotes from others living here, suggestions for other books to read, and Web sites to browse for others’ opinions, she said.

Ms. Frame’s book is available on Kindle and in hard copy on Amazon.

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