No sympathy for Frenchman who nearly lost an arm

Regarding your article on the French couple attacked in Limón.

Of course there is never any excuse for armed robbers, you just need to be educated on how to handle these situations you may encounter in any country. Someone should have informed the French tourist that starting a fight with a robber who has a machete it is not a very smart thing to do anywhere in the world, not just in Costa Rica.

No police force or country can really protect people from doing stupid things. I guess the French Embassy decided to support the stupidity of their national tourist by condemning Costa Ricans for not doing a better job of protecting French tourists from doing stupid things. The advice should be, better education for French tourists: It is okay to be arrogant, just not when being robbed by an armed robber.

According to the article an Argentine man and woman who were robbed by the same robber, suffered no injuries, since they did not try to fight the robbers. Man not hurt, robbers caught, stuff returned. Sounds pretty intelligent to me.

Edward Bridges

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