Obama is seeking votes by giving stuff for free

For more than 20-years I worked for a contractor that supported the U.S. government. Whenever I went to a government office early in the morning I saw many government workers milling around, drinking coffee and talking when they should have been working.

Presently, millions of Americans are not willing to do what it takes to support themselves. They want the government to provide. They feel it is owed to them. Obama is not interested in holding people accountable. He is more interested in giving them stuff in return for their votes. The single most distinctive characteristic of Obama is his complete lack of any personal sense of shame.

If you think lower income wage earners should not pay federal income taxes and should spend the rest of their lives on welfare, food stamps, and other handouts (get stuff they didn’t work for — free stuff), and you want America to be an other European country, please, vote for Obama.
Al Almeida
Nuevo Arenal

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