Online slide show features photos of structures on currency

Detail of the old 10-colon note that featured the general
studies building at the Universidad de Costa Rica.

Late last month some 88 photographers combed the metro area to take shots for a Museos de Banco Central contest.

The biggest stipulation was that the photos show architectural sites that are featured on the country’s currency. Banco Central issues the money.

The photographers managed to locate and photograph 22 buildings or objects, including buildings at the Universidad de Costa Rica and a fountain in Parque Central. One of the museums below the Plaza de la Cultura is the Museo de Numismática.

For readers outside the San José area, the best part of the contest is that photos of the winners, old photographs of the sites that were pictures and examples of the buildings on banknotes and coins have been posted to the Web. A slide show also names the photographer. That online exhibition is HERE!

Some of the structures, such as the first headquarters of a state bank, no longer exist. So the photographers made shots of what is on the site now. More modern structures show up, too. The new Estadio Nacional was featured briefly on a commemorative coin when it opened. That photo made its way into the slide show, too.

The museum said that starting Oct. 27, the winning photos in the juried exhibit will be on display there.

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