Policeman held in Palmares after credit card is stolen

Judicial investigators arrested a police officer Tuesday in Palmares on the allegation that he was swiping and using another person’s debit card, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization.

A judicial spokesperson said that the detained officer’s name is Dorian Andres Vargas Villagas and that he is a member of the Fuerza Pública.

The report says that the incident occurred in July.

According to the bulletin, the victim forgot to take his card out of an ATM in Palmares after he finished using it. Investigators suspect that Vargas used the ATM moments later and found the card.

The report says that the man who took the card quickly began making purchases, taking his girlfriend along part of the time. The report also says that the man bought groceries, among other things.

The victim reports that about 200,000 colons (about $400) worth of charges were put on the card before it was canceled.

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