Private employer group seeks 3.62 percent wage hike

Representatives of private employers asked the Consejo Nacional de Salarios Monday to establish a 3.62 percent increase in the minimum wages as of Jan. 1.

The organization, the Unión Costarricense de Cámaras y Asociaciones del Sector Empresarial Privado, accompanied its request with charts and statistics showing that minimum salaries have increased in real terms despite inflation.

The chamber said that the estimated inflation by Jan. 1 would be about 2.47 percent.

Six organizations that represent labor already have asked for a 4.06 percent increase.

This is the twice yearly negotiations because minimum wages are fixed for every Jan. 1 and for every July 1. The minimum wages went up 3.17 percent Jan. 1 and 3 percent for July 1.

Many employees in Costa Rica work for the minimum salary in their job category. There are long lists of minimum wages ranging from 8,120.33 colons ($16.49) a day for an unskilled laborer to 652,568.90 colons ($1,325) a month for a journalist. Professionals and public employees are not included in these wage classifications.

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