Rains pound the metro area, and Caribbean system grows

San Pedro and San José appear to have endured the heaviest rains Sunday when nearly an inch of rain fell in less than an hour.

The storm caused flash flooding, in part due to storm sewers clogged with garbage. Streets were flooded as were some homes and businesses because the rains came so heavy and fast.

In San José the .96 of an inch followed a Saturday when 20.1 millimeters or about eight-tenths of an inch fell.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional attributed the wet weekend to a tropical wave that is in the Caribbean and moving slowly toward Central America. The institute expects the low-pressure trough or wave to become a tropical depression. This system will continue to affect the weather today.

The Central Valley avoided much of the heavy rain that caused flooding and forced some Guanacaste residents from their homes last week.

Saturday the heaviest rains fell in Santa Ana with 44.4 millimeters or 1.75 inches and Earth University in Guácimo, which got 60.5 millimeters or 2.38 inches.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, said that there is an 80 percent probability that the trough in the Caribbean will convert itself to a tropical cyclone in the next two days.

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