She pegs shots at hunters to keep them off her land

I have to reply to the article “Hunting ban has little impact, gun shop owners say”

I live in the Diamante Valley where hunting is rampant, especially during Christmas Week and Semana Santa, when the hunters know that Minae and other government offices are closed. Many of the people come here specifically from the San Jose area during this time to hunt.

These hunters do not just hunt food, they shoot anything that moves: monkeys, dogs, etc.  Pacas (tepiszquentis) are the prime target because supposedly the meat is excellent.

I laughed out loud at the quote “The law is not good because hunting is not big here.”  No, actually the law is not good because Ticos traditionally think La ley is basura and they openly ignore it.  Want proof? Look at the number of hunting dogs in this country.

I’ve had many run-ins with hunters on my property, have called the police (who came, in full SWAT gear), have had people arrested, and finally had to resort to shooting into the woods where the hunters are.  Fear of the crazy Gringa with a gun is the only thing that has worked.

I really do hope that they pass the law, but I’m afraid it’s not going to make any difference.  Especially with articles like this, scoffing at the need for anti-hunting laws.

Linda Gray
Rancho Tranquilo
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