Threatening storms expected to move away to north

That tropical wave that helped bring a weekend of rain is now Tropical Storm Sandy having developed from a low-pressure area to a tropical depression into a tropical storm in less than a day.

The storm is stationary in the Caribbean, but the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, estimates that when the system moves it will go northeast away from Costa Rica.

The system is expected to pass right over Jamaica and go through the center of Cuba. The system might be a full-flown hurricane by then.

The hurricane center defines a tropical storm as having wind speeds of from 39 mph to 73 mph.
Meanwhile another low pressure area in the mid-Atlantic, Tropical Depression 19, is expected to take a turn to the north and east without threatening Caribbean islands.

The Instituto Meteorológico said that the country probably will shake off any influences of Sandy by Wednesday. The national emergency commission is maintaining an alert on the Pacific coasts and in the Central Valley.

The commission also is keeping an eye on the Pacific because high seas are expected there today and Wednesday.

The commission said three-meter waves are likely in the southern Pacific with the rest of the coast seeing two-meter waves.

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