Top judicial figure faces a sexual harassment complaint

The president of the Corte Suprema de Justicia, announced Tuesday morning that a full court session Monday ordered an investigation into a sexual harassment complaint against Oscar González Camacho, a magistrate on the supreme court.

The magistrate has been accused of sexually harassing a court worker. In a release González acknowledged that he was the person against whom the woman filled a complaint.

The court president, Luis Paulino Mora Mora, said he processed the complaint in accordance to the sexual harassment regulation called, “Reglamento para Prevenir Investigar y Sancionar el Hostigamiento Sexual en el Poder Judicial.” Article three of the law specifically outlines the procedure and articles governing a complaint that pertains to a magistrate or judge of the court.

Jesus Ramirez Quiros, another magistrate, was appointed to oversee the procedure.

González is Costa Rican, married and a licensed lawyer after studying at the Universidad de Costa Rica. He later received a specialized diploma in constitutional rights and political
science from the Centro de Estudios Constitucionales in Madrid, Spain. His last degree was a doctorate in administrative rights from the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, also in Madrid. Currently he works as a judge in Sala Primera of the court, a job he received in 2002.

Article 18 of the law calls for confidentially. The magistrate used this as a reason for not explaining the case.

“Before the Court, I exercise my constitutional right to defend and respect the process and the duty of confidentiality referred to in article 18 of the regulation,” said González. “I will refrain from giving statements for the time being.”

Although the filing of the case will affect the court, members said that the judicial body has demonstrated the ability to discipline their own judges and magistrates when it was so required in the past, according to the facts and evidence. The law applies equally to all, they said.

The Sala Primera in which González serves is the final authority on civil matters.

The term magistrate is reserved for members of the high court, the nation’s highest ranking judicial figures.

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