Tourism colegio proposal will be expense, restrictive

The proposed national tourism employee colegio should be seen for the publicly detrimental power grab that it is. A group of self-appointed administrators wish to allegedly self-police their profession by erecting barriers to entry for new competitors.

Where is the evidence that the current system is producing harm? No doubt a few ‘victims’, including straw men, will be cited as the need for complete control over a new brotherhood by a few at the top.

We can expect a slow, if any, growth in operators (less choice) and higher prices (again, less choice in the face of growing demand) because those already in the profession wish to shelter themselves from competition. The practical, empirical, historical evidence is overwhelming. Is this what is good for Costa Rica? Do Ticos really wish their country to become like the over-regulated, over-licensed U.S. with fewer opportunities?

Troy Matz
Texas, on my way to Guanacaste

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