Traffic police encircle reporter who took their photographs

The transport ministry has launched an investigation to see why seven traffic officers detained a CRHoy reporter and her taxi for about 25 minutes Friday morning.

The reporter, María Siu, said she attracted the officer’s attention when she took photos showing them congregating and conversing near the Holiday Inn in downtown San José.

Rodrigo Rivera Fournier, the acting minister of Obras Públicas y Transportes, said Friday that he has ordered a preliminary investigation. Diego Herrera Hidalgo, director general of the Policía de Tránsito, said the same thing.

According to a news story in the Spanish-language publication written by Ms. Siu, she was on her way to another assignment
when she saw the group of traffic officers.

CRHoy, a relatively new arrival on the mass media scene, has been critical of the lack of traffic officers at key times in the Central Valley.

Ms. Siu said that the motorcycle officers put three of their vehicles ahead and three behind and blocked the street that runs east of the Holiday Inn. She said that the officers said the taxi driver was not wearing a seat belt. She said the officers recorded and photographed her.

The Colegio de Periodistas lodged a protest with the ministry and said that Ms. Siu was detained under unfounded excuses and intimidated by the group of officers. The journalists’ professional group said it supported Ms. Siu and offered her legal help if she decides to take action.

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