Trial starting Thursday in murder of Lisa Artz

Suspects in the murder of a U.S. woman who ran a hotel on the Osa peninsula tried to sell electronic equipment that had been stolen after the murder. That is one of the major allegations that prosecutors will introduce Thursday when the four suspects go on trial, according to the Poder Judicial.

This is the murder of Lisa Artz, who was killed July 29, 2011, in Matapalo, some 12 miles south of Puerto Jiménez. She was resident manager of Casa Tres Palmas.

The suspects are three men with the last names of González Granados, Chaves Barquero and Cedeño Montero. The fourth suspect is a woman with the last names of Sánchez Núñez. The case will be in the Tribunal de Juicio de Golfito.

Casa Tres Palmas is known as the most luxurious property in the area with a commanding view of the point where the waters of the Gulfo Dulce meet those of the Pacific. The sprawling main house features a Tiki-style villa with a palm thatched roof.

Ms. Artz died in a separate living quarters where she was believed to have been confronted by robbers. She was about to make a trip to the United States, and investigators surmised that the robbers thought she had a large amount of cash in her living quarters.

The Sánchez woman is believed to be the relative of a person who worked at the hotel.

Investigators said they found an iPod and power cords for other electronic articles when they conducted searches of the dwellings where the detained individuals lived. These were identified as belonging to the victim, they said

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