Venezuelan U.N. envoy calls for restructuring

In calling for significant reform of the United Nations, Venezuela’s representative to the world body, Ambassador Jorge Valero, told the U.N. General Assembly Monday that a “re-foundation of the United Nations is necessary” with a new international order based on the “legal equality of states.”

Addressing the 67th Assembly’s General Debate at U.N. Headquarters, Valero described such a leveling as an unavoidable demand as he enumerated the changes Venezuela sought of key U.N. institutions.

“The Security Council must be democratized in order to express the will of all countries,” Valero said. “The General Assembly demands revitalization, and the secretary general must be elected democratically by all member states. International peace and security cannot be built on the basis of the privileges of the few.”

He also called for the U.N. to address a reform of the global and economic financial system, and said all countries must have an equal voice in the search for solutions to issues related to development.

On the global economic crisis, the Ambassador said capitalism is trying to overcome the crisis affecting global economic and financial structures by “appealing to new imperialist methods and the super-exploitation of workers even in developed countries.”

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