Venezuelans ready to vote in Sunday’s elections

Venezuelans,including those living in Costa Rica, are eligible to go to the polls Sunday to elect a president.

They can choose to either extend President Hugo Chavez’s almost 14-year rule for another six years or pick his younger challenger, Henrique Capriles to lead the nation. While the Venezuelan leader’s ongoing battle with cancer has been a prominent issue in the presidential race, that for many voters this election will be a referendum on the results of Chavez’s socialist policies.

Venezuela is one of those countries that allow citizens outside the country to vote at embassies and consulates.

In Costa Rica, the sentiment of voters appears to be for  Capriles because many of the Venezuelans here fled the country as a result of policies enacted by Chávez.

The  Consejo Nacional Electoral established voting places all over the world. The Consejo said that those overseas had to have changed their residency in its records in order to vote. If they have done so they only need a government-issued cédula to vote.

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