Watercolors depict autumn, both seasonal and age of humans

This is the work Ramas grises or ‘Gray Branches’ that symbolize the autumn years.

Ana Broennimann is marking her 20 years as an artist with a show containing 20 watercolors which reflect on the passage of time. The show is called Otoño or “Autumn” in which she compared the natural cycles of nature with human lives.

The show opens Thursday at the Costa Rica Country Club in Escazú.

Ms. Broennimann, who was born in México, is known for her bold paintings of Costa Rican trees and foliage. But the current offering is more subdued and less vivid.

Hojas Oscuras and Primavera

The works are mostly 29 centimeters by 76 centimeters or 11.4 inches by 30 inches. They carry such titles as Ramas grises or “Gray Branches” and Hojas Oscuras or “Dark Leaves.” But there also is a bright red Primavera or “Spring.”

Ms. Broennimann has been known for her acrylics, so the watercolors are said to be experimental.

In addition to the watercolors on cotton paper, the artist has also produced a small book with free-verse poems which the artist equates to her version of Japanese haikus.

The show will run from Thursday through Nov. 19.

A.M. Costa Rica first wrote bout Ms. Broennimann 10 years ago. That story is HERE!

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