You really did need that extra blanket, thanks to Sandy

There’s a chill in the air every place except the Caribbean coast, and the cause is moving north east of Florida. That would be Hurricane Sandy, the storm that caused intense rain in Costa Rica despite being far away.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said Thursday that the storm caused a dip in normal temperatures due to cloud cover and evaporation of rain from the soil.

The deviation from the average was most apparent on the Pacific coast where the drop in temperature, as computed by the weather institute, was 5.5 C., nearly 10 degrees F.

The temperature dip was less pronounced in the southern part of the country and at the Cerro de la Muerte where the deviation was 4.5 degrees C. (about 8 F.) and in the metro area where the difference from normal was 2.8 degrees C., about 5 F.

Temperatures were higher on the Caribbean by an average of 3.1 C. or about 6 F. The Caribbean usually has weather counter to that in the rest of the country and it was generally spared much of the rain over the last week.

Sandy is the 18th named storm of a busy Atlantic hurricane season, which began on June 1 and officially ends Nov. 30, according to wire service calculations.

There were deaths elsewhere. In Jamaica, reports say an elderly man died when a boulder rolled into his house. And in Haiti, a woman drowned while trying to cross a flooded river as the storm hit.

There were no reported casualties in Cuba although there was storm damage.

Some computer models show Sandy moving up the U.S. east coast into colder waters and turning into a winter-like storm called a nor’easter, bringing high winds and chilly rain to coastal cities early next week.

In the northern zone, the Costa Rican weather institute estimated that 100 millimeters of rain fell in 12 hours. That is nearly four inches. A similar amount fell in parts of the Pacific coast. There were lesser amounts on the Caribbean and the northern zone.

The institute said that conditions should return to normal for this season for the weekend. That means sunny mornings with some afternoon rains.

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