4,000 lights designed to awe kids at museum celebration

The Museo de Niños is where parents want to bring their children for the annual Christmas lighting. The spectacular event is different each year and sometimes television stations run the entire show. This photo is of a previous Christmas event. Museo de Niños file photo

In six days patrons can see the castle of dreams at the Museo de Niños lit up with Christmas lights before it is surrounded by bursts of fireworks for the 12th annual ceremony, themed this year “Regalo de Fe.”

Characters Musíeto and Museíta will broadcast messages of faith, love and hope throughout the event as they emcee the illumination of the facade of the museum Wednesday.

Just as the sky turns dark at 5 p.m. a crowd will begin a countdown from 10. At the final number, a flipped switch will trigger 4,000 lights designed to sparkle against the night sky.

The show will include six original songs by national singer Hans Wüst created specifically for the occasion, a play, projections on the facade created by the company Luz Art, giant puppets, fireworks and many other surprises, said museum spokespersons.

For the second year, different police and fire agencies will work to create a safe route for patrons to travel from different parts of the city to the event. Police blocked off entire streets for pedestrians.

The activity is completely free and is described by the museum as a Christmas gift for all Costa Rican families who constantly visit the Museum.

Prior to the show, persons can share their personal message of love, faith and hope on the museum Facebook under the application “gift of faith.” The link can be found HERE!

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