Agents say that robbery of woman’s home was family affair

Judicial agents arrested a mother along with her son and daughter Tuesday in connection with the robbery of a woman’s home in June, a judicial bulletin said.

The report says that the man was in a romantic relationship with the victim, a 50-year-old woman, at the time of the robbery. Police suspect that this man planned the robbery.

The female victim lost 200 million colons ($400,000) in the home invasion, according to the report.

A judicial spokesperson identified the detained suspects by their last names only. The 45-year-old mother has the last name of Brenes. Her son, who is 25, and daughter, who is 28, are identified as Salazar Brenes. The report gives the following report of the robbery. On June 2, the male suspect was driving in his car with the victim through Barrio Mexico when they were intercepted and forced to stop by two cars occupied by several people.

Two men stepped out of one of the cars with guns and forced the couple to drive back to the victim’s house in Moravia.

The two men took jewelry and cash from the house and left the scene in a car that was waiting outside.

Judicial police raided the home of the man in San Vincente de Moravia, Tuesday morning where they also arrested his mother. Police also arrested his sister at her home in Tierra Blanca in Cartago.

Then agents raided a bar that two of the suspects own, because investigators believe that some of the stolen money was put into that business.

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