Chilly and windy climate means dry season nears

Blue skies, chilly nights and a steady wind can only mean one thing; The Costa Rican summer is approaching fast.

The weather experts predicted an early end to the rainy season this year, and Guanacaste already is in a dry season.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that the humidity will decrease slowly in the country as would the velocity of the winds. But both conditions are expected to increase again Sunday.

The mornings over the weekend are expected to be cloudy or partly cloudy in the entire country with a chance of some showers in the early morning along the Caribbean coast and in the northern zone. Afternoons might see some showers along the Caribbean coast and in the northern zone especially on Sunday. There also is a chance of showers in the Central Valley and the central and southern Pacific.

The Caribbean and the northern zone might also see some evening showers Saturday night as perhaps will higher elevations in the Central Valley, said the institute.

The temperature is expected to dip to 15 C. (59 F.) overnight in the Central Valley. That is a cold wave by Costa Rican standards, and residents could be seen bundled up in winter coats already Thursday evening. An overnight low of about 19 C. (66 F.) is predicted for the northern Pacific.

Winds from 50 to 70 kph (about 31 to 43 mph) are predicted again today.

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